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    Counties of Hebi

    A survery of Xunxian County

      Xunxian County has a long history and brilliant culture. There are over 300 historic spots, including 10 national level and 24 provincial level ones. Dapi Mountain’s scenery is very beautiful and has the reputation of the First Scenic Spot in Northern Henan. It is a 4A and model scenic spot in Henan Province. Xunxian County is a national level famous historic and cultural city. Half of its downtown is situated at two mountains.

      Xunxian County is rich in agricultural resources. It is the model production base of high quality wheat and high yield corn.

      The yield per mu(666.7 ㎡) each year is over 1500 kg.

      Xunxian County has a better industrial foundation. Main industries include agricultural products, machinery, energy, chemical, building materials, etc.. There are over 150 products, in which Huanyan tyre, Jiaoyu paper, animal feeds, bee products, stone carving, starch are famous in China.

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